anyone who accepts an objective is a leader

" It makes so much sense. I wish I had this training years ago. 

The knowledge and the practical experience impacts my whole approach to my team and to how we, in turn, approach

our objectives "

David Mitchell

Meet with Ross

Founder at Wild Logic Limited

WIth more than three decades of experience in leadership, c-suite consultancy, creative direction and project delivery, Ross MacLennan brings a unique insight to developing your business culture, your team leaders, your customer expectations and your business development responses. 

He understands culture change from a practical and strategic perspective having been hands-on, leading one of UK's largest ever culture change programmes as well as years of supporting clients in their innovation and communication strategies.

His "Who put you in charge?" introduction to leadership for team leaders and project owners is unique, insightful and simple to practise. It teaches the only three practical leadership skills you need, whatever type of leader you are, creating perspective and balance whilst developing emotional maturity and self-awareness.


Having delivered more than 350 events for over fifty brands on five continents, he helps develop and support your event team, strategy and delivery. His extensive network of contacts is at your finger tips and his significant breadth of experience saves you from re-inventing the wheel. 


Practice Areas

How we make people more effective


Experience Design

Design, Resourcing & Delivery of B2B experiences. Focus on High quality solutions for internal & external audiences up to 500 pax


Brand Engagement

How to create global participation in your brand through lateral thinking and patience. Consumer trust is won through open and honest participation.


Leadership Development

Learn a unique and robust solution to leadership for new and experienced leaders. The only three things any leader has to do to be effective. 


Pitch Management

How to analyse and respond to a brief. Building an innovative solution with depth and accuracy. Building budgets and managing pitch teams.


Culture Change

Supporting you in real culture change that does not involve gimmicks. Culture change is not a 'quick fix' strategy.


Individual & Team Coaching

Everyone suffers from imposter syndrome - until they don't. Learning to marry your ambition to your behaviour. Choosing your responses at all levels.



Where we have made people more effective








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