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strong relationships are more important than perfect products

Thank you. Wild Logic is different. You had such a positive effect on the design and delivery of our experience and the morale of my colleagues. 

Bianca van der Zee

Effective people simply achieve more

Every home, community, team, business and nation looks to improve. Improve the things that work and the things that don't. Improvement means change. Change is a calculation of risk and reward.  


Wild Logic helps you control risk and maximise reward by giving your people a consistent language and method for working together.


For thirty years we have delivered the building blocks of leadership, communication and innovation for teams, managers, cultures, customers, brands and total strangers.


Our three practice areas deliver consistency: rationale and structure; method and insights; imagination and innovation. The framework builds strong relationships leading to meaningful change.


We make a quantifiable difference to every client we work with. 

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Three ways to become more effective


Leadership Development

What would it be like if everyone in your business understood leadership in the same way? Have the same expectations and clarity? We can make that happen.

The Anatomy of Leadership is our leadership development programme. It creates the strongest baseline for new and existing leaders and their teams for managing local and remote teams and projects. 


Brand Awareness

Mind share is the foundation of every brand. Brand awareness can be created through association not direct experience. You have to give a little to get a lot back. 

We create global participation in your brand, bringing your values to life through lateral thinking and patience. Our proven solutions have created new and lasting international audiences.


Experience Design

When you want to own the mindshare of a message; create consistent understanding, change or actions, nothing beats getting your target audience together in one place. Recognition incentives allow you to build critical relationships between the best in your business. There is huge economy of scale.

We design, resource and deliver experiences, conferences and incentives. We support clients globally. You pay suppliers directly, saving you significant money. 

Practice Areas


Ross MacLennan has more than three decades of experience in c-suite consultancy. As the Lead at Wild Logic he can help you with strategy design, creative direction and programme delivery. His expertise was gained in more than seventy locations on five continents, for over fifty brands, creating in excess of three hundred and fifty experiences.

He understands communications and culture change from a practical and strategic perspective having been hands-on, leading one of UK's largest culture change programmes. 

He created and delivered the Urban Photographer of the Year brand awareness strategy, building a global audience in over one hundred and twenty countries, engaging with more than one hundred and thirty thousand entries.

His breadth of experience and depth of knowledge saves you a fortune not re-inventing the wheel. 

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