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" I gathered all, brought all to mind. The years ahead a waste of breath

A waste of breath the years behind in balance with this life, this death "

I have been led by many people in my life.

Like with teachers, (who are so often unaware of their leadership), the kids know the score. 

Whether you are nourished or curtailed by the ability of another, you learn; to analyse, accept or reject their decisions; to participate, ignore or enthuse about their plans, to befriend, alienate or oppose their character. 

The universal discoveries are; they have clay feet; they think less about you than you do about them; they are object lessons in your own future decision-making.

So in effect - they matter alot - to everyone you lead

'An Irish Airman foresees his death' - W.B. Yeats


Degree Education

University of York - BA - Philosophy

British Army – Infantry Officer - 10 years

Hong Kong, Belize, Falklands, N. Ireland, Cyprus, Zimbabwe

Head of Employee Communications - Royal Mail

180,000 staff, 64 regional EC Managers

Group Accounts Director – Project Worldwide

Experience design and delivery (B2B Conferences & Exhibitions)

Creative & Production Director – GPJ, EMEA

Experience design and delivery (B2B Conferences & Incentives)

Founder & MD – Wild Highlander - 15 years

B2B Experiential design (as above), Incentives and Team Building

Founder – Cobham Photo Agency – 10 years

Photographer, Author, Publisher, (concurrently with above)

Founder & Principle – Wild Logic - 4 years

Culture & Leadership Development

Keynote Speaker, Coach, Programme Delivery

      - The Anatomy of Everyday Leadership

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100,000 HOURS


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I am content. I am married to a beautiful psychotherapist and we have two daughters; one in events, (who knew) and the other an actress. At home I am responsible for walking and feeding the dog. I am occasionally irresponsible. I take pleasure in my library, in blues music, ceramic sculpture, photography, watch design, poetry (real poetry) and history prior to nineteen hundred. I enjoy writing, not just The Anatomy of Everyday Leadership but also my series of nine Epic Fantasy novels, (still working on Volume one, Book one); K-drama; strumming a rhythm guitar; cooking a mean curry and a righteous dahl; playing golf with friends in the sunshine, backgammon of an evening and on special occasions, skiing with my girls for the fresh air and fun.

I started life as an army brat, born in what was West Germany. I was diagnosed with ADHD aged six. I left home two years later for an unsettling decade of boarding school. I acquired some unforgettable insights, a few skills and a sufficient education to get me into York University to read Philosophy. The Army paid for my university and in return I spent the following decade in a kilt as a Queen's Own Highlander, gathering experience in UK, Northern Ireland, The Falklands, Hong Kong, Belize, Cyprus and Zimbabwe.

I moved on to join the bleeding edge, (unknown), discipline of Employee Communications at Honeywell Bull and then Royal Mail. In the latter, with 180,000 employees and a similar number of pensioners to support, I recruited and developed 64 EC managers to take up posts across UK before assimilating the recognition and engagement functions as well. Life was a splendidly intense. The choice of media and channels employed was extremely diverse: events, publishing, incentives, hardware, video. 

I loved it so much that I turned from gamekeeper to poacher, joining the Experiential Agency world. I have since delivered over three hundred and fifty experiences and campaigns around the world. Firstly with Commercial Presentations as Account Director, then Project Worldwide as Client Services Director. PWW became George P. Johnson EMEA. It was a good time to scratch the itch so I left with others to set up our own agency. The dotCom collapse followed by 9/11 taught failure as a life lesson. With bridges unburned I returned  to GPJ as EMEA Creative and Production Director.

But I had tasted independence. I opened Wild Highlander as a full service event agency. We delivered engagement, mind-share and awareness for brands around the world for fifteen years before a brief and inconvenient operation made me hors de combat for six months and closed Wild Highlander. I have been strategic advisor, creative director and project manager to world-class businesses and their leaders. Consulting, delivering, cajoling, supporting and developing across all disciplines and a variety of cultures.

My passion is The Anatomy of Everyday Leadership; identifying, fragmenting and re-assembling the elements of the single most important driver of civilisation, both rise and fall. This journey has taken me through the portals of physics to philosophy; politics to psychology; neuroscience to geoscience; history and archeology and anthropology to business strategy, economics and on to geology and mythology to name some of the dots that I have polished and connected. It's been worth every second because everything is connected,


Personally, I am good at networking, connecting people, testing ideas, finding at new solutions, trusting people to excel and being mostly right. I have one great consistency in my life - leading small teams, often to deliver great impact for large enterprises. I think my largest direct team was 250 people; integrating nationalities, cultures and disciplines. I have built, trained those teams to deliver objectives over 400 times in more than 60 locations around the planet. This experience led to the formation Wild Logic, where we work closely with our clients, across the wider and and more diverse range of creative behavioural solutions that is our game-changer:  The Anatomy of Everyday Leadership


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