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anyone who accepts an objective is a leader

It makes so much sense. I wish I had known all this years ago. 

David Mitchell
Experience design
Leadership Development

'The Anatomy of Leadership'

Leaders and their teams become truely effective after sharing the ten steps essential to reaching your objective. Even if you are new, have never met your team in person and are not entirely certain of your brief.

+  Triage

We guide you through the steps that all effective leaders must follow. We show leaders the simplest way to get the right people working on the best plan. We look at behaviour in leaders and teams. We provide tools for leaders to stay mentally healthy.

+  Who is it for ?

New project managers and team leaders. Even experienced leaders gain both affirmation and new understanding.

+  How do we deliver ?

The program is generic and easily adapts to your way of being. It isn't rocket science. We can work with your leaders and teams or you can send them on our course.

Brand Engagement

Brand Awareness

If you want to expand the awareness of your brand be clever, be determined, be patient. You will be effective.

+  Clever

In one example, we used photography. The only language-free, universal language with a global audience.  There is now a decent camera on everybody's phone. 

+  Determined

We established a relevant competition with great prizes. We invested in awareness and opportunity to participate. We built in ethics and security. We designed a luscious and exclusive coffee table book. Then we opened the doors to Free, Fun and Rewarding. 

+  Time

Patience is the key. Year 1 had 3,000 entries in 1 country, by Year 10 it was over 120,000 entries for 134 countries. Brand Awareness made effective.

Experience Design

We are great partners to have in your team. We respect your objectives, add depth to your decision-making and support your delivery.

+  Our Experience

We have done a lot of events, in a lot of cities, in a lot of countries. We have done them for a lot of people, some of whom faced your issues with audiences both internal and external; business to business or consumer; team building and incentive.

+  Our Knowledge

We understand all aspects of event design and delivery; strategy, creativity, messaging; technical directors, art directors, content planners; logistics, production, creative, account management and budgeting. 

+  Our Connections

We know lots of good people in lots of countries. They provide the local nuts and bolts for great experiences. Connecting you to the good guys gives you back time and money.

+  Our Value

We save you huge amounts of money. Suppliers bill you direct or pass through. No agency mark-up. 

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