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When is a Boss not a Boss - When they're a Hippo. (Highest Paid Person in the Room).

We have all been there.

You work for days or weeks on a solution - the right colour for a new item. On the morning of the decision your Boss walks into the room and shares...

' I was talking to some friends last night and we agree it should be Purple'.

Motivation: 0

Respect: 0

Leadership: 0

As the leader it is possible you know more than many of your team. So what.

You delegated an objective.

You opened the room up to input and excitement.

And then you blew them out of the water.

You are in the wrong job. You are NOT a leader

Leaders accept the responsibility for their team.

A responsibility to build ownership, self-belief and confidence to stand in your shoes.

Learn to listen to younger or less experienced voices in the room.

They will save your life one day.

Contact me to discover other creatures and learn how to avoid The Menagerie of Death.

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