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RESPECT - LOYALTY - TRUST - the elusive keystones of a powerful team.

You cannot sit in a classroom and find them; you cannot train people to give them; you cannot, as a leader, demand or expect them. So what is the key?

Finding yourself as the leader of a team, (willingly, surprisingly or reluctantly), is only the beginning of your journey into being useful. Anyone who accepts an Objective is a leader and anyone who accepts an Objective has to accept that they will be judged - and primarily on their success in achieving their Objective.

In a nutshell - best type of blog post - your only friend and only enemy, is you. Your team experiences you, over time, in real situations, in simulation and development and in emergencies. They know your clay feet. They see your doubts about the direction you have chosen, about their abilities and your self-doubt. They know how you feel about their competence, their potential and their value to the team. They learn to anticipate your responses, their freedom to act and their belief in the outcome.

Respect, Loyalty and Trust are only ever reciprocal. You have to give trust, accepting all possible risks as your own. You have to demonstrate loyalty before it will be given. You earn respect by showing respect.

The stronger your team, the more profound your leadership experience will be.

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